How to take care of Orchids

Fun fact: Did you know there are around 800 different types of Orchids?

In this story, we're going to look at how to take care of Orchids and how to help them thrive in your house!


Soil, or rather the woodchips, are the most important thing for keeping your Orchid healthy.

Your orchid doesn't grow in soil in nature, but on tree trunks.

Your orchid is very sensitive to overwatering, so planting it in woodchips, not soil, will help to keep it healthy for years.

Watering your orchid

How do you water a plant that's growing in wood chips?

You should grow your Orchid in a pot with drainage holes, this makes watering very easy.

You can water your Orchid in 2 ways!

1. Submerge the pot, woodchips, and roots in a bucket of room temperature water for 5 minutes

2. Water your plant with a watering can and let the moisture escape from the pot

Humidity for your orchid

The Orchid doesn't like wet feet, but loves humidity!

Most homes are too dry for an Orchid, but you can help!

Mist your Orchid once per day to raise the humidity and help your Orchid thrive.

Sunlight requirements

Orchids love the sun and the warmth!

Place your Orchid in the brightest spot in your house and it'll be very happy!

Fertilizing your Orchid

How do you fertilize a plant that's not growing in soil?

You can fertilize your Orchid when you water your plant, by adding fertilizer to the water.

You will have to use special Orchid fertilizer for your plant to stay healthy!

Your normal plant fertilizer needs soil to work properly and won't work with woodchips.

Orchids and pets

Orchids are completely safe to have around your pets and small children!

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