Fertilizer tablets for quick & long-term growth

Fertilizer tablets help you to feed your plants long-term, while also making it easy for your plant to absorb the nutrients.

In this story, we're going to look at one of my favorite fertilizer tablets and see how you can use it for your own houseplants.

Long-lasting plant fertilizer

Like slow-release fertilizers, a fertilizer tablet can feed your plants for several months at a time.

Fertilizer tablets are very concentrated and can feed 1 large plant or several small plants for 3 to 6 months at a time. This helps to keep your plants healthy, even if you forget to feed them regularly.

From here on out, I will highlight one of my favorite fertilizer tablet brands: Instant plant food. Besides being great for your plants, they actively help the world be a sustainable and clean place for all.

Health boost for your plants

The fertilizer tablets from instant plant food are designed to give your plants a boost. This boost helps your plant to withstand diseases, pests, and water stress.

Because these tablets dissolve in water, plants can more easily absorb the nutrients than other slow-release fertilizers. This helps your plants benefit from them instantly.

Dissolving the tablets in water

By dissolving these concentrated bundles of nutrients in water, you're ready to feed your plants instantly.

An eco-friendly product

One of the most important aspects of this fertilizer, for me, is that it's sustainable and eco-friendly. These tablets are made from naturally occurring minerals and eco-friendly fermented waste.

These tablets help your plants to recover from pests and stay well-fed for months at a time. At the same time, you're supporting a eco-friendly product that actively helps the world be a cleaner place.

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